22 de abril de 2017

Hoping it never ends.

I guess that´s when you grow up. When you literally set down your feelings just to put someone else feelings first. when you actually don´t care all your desires, and dreams, and thoughs. Cause the only thing that really matters is someone else happiness.  It´s when you can+t imagine your life without them, your daily rutines, the small gestures, and all the impact they make in your life. When you sat down and realize you wouldn´t be the same person you are today if that day never happen. And all you do is think and think about all the times you share with them, all the laughs, the smiles, the kisses, the hugs you had; and all those things you´re accepting to left behind just in order to let them live their lifes. Just in order to let them free.

I guess that is when you grow up. When you reject your feelings and make all your effort to help your mind, soul and brain understand why you did not fight anymore, why you stop calling them to say hi, why are you taking distance and letting them taking another roads. You sat down in all those places you used to visit together, thinking about all the good memories you had and you never figure out you where making memories, cause all you were doing was just having fun, loving each other in silence and hoping it never ends.

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